Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mrs.DeHaven's Flower Shop Harvest Art Faire 2010 and Rene'e Corvin's Booth~

Martin Alan Hirsch's Studio Training for Decorative Faux Finishes by RC 2010

Sunday, June 06, 2010

In a 60+ hour work week project, I completed two murals and a hallway design for a nursery and childrens area in a local church. Our deadline was to be renovated before a wedding and vacation bible school. We worked days into the nights and early mornings. The Nursery mural was pre-existing Charley Browns type of mural yet unable to determine where the childrens clothes started and ended surrounding the Jesus figure. My job was to restore all the old faded scratched off paint as new, brighter, and repair damages from over the years. The Mural is 12 by 8 foot. Down the hallway is the childrens mural that had a background yet no foreshortening effects to complete the landscape. My job was to add detail, diminsions, fill in the blanks and tie together the entire picture with lush greenery, waterfall, shadowing, highlights, scattered trees, water, and palm tree coconuts with an extention of the trunk's palm trees. The palm tree mural is 12 ft by 30 ft. The hallway has a rainbow border that is hip high. The entire church is ready for VBS and the wedding was a success.