Monday, April 13, 2009

This project began in the months of early summer of 2009. The Blue Dome has continued it's remodeling and during this process I fractured my wrist off this location at my residence. A colles' fracture on my right radius that lead to a metal plate surgery and months of therapy to regain my ROM (Range of Movement) and normal function as a painter/muralist. Thanks to the team at BA Therapy I am able to return to the mural and finish. I would like to thank the Owner of the Blue Dome, Mike and the renters for allowing my contribution and let them know how honored I am to paint in one of Oklahoma's landmarks.

Thank you,
Renee' Corvin

This project is in the public school systems and a completed project at that. The Bixby Public schools has had a massive campus growth in 2008-2009. During the change the walls were white and I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to the decoration for the children at North. I wanted to thank the staff for allowing me to paint a mural on the left hand side wall of the entrance. Following the mural project the art teacher at Bixby North contributed her talents as well on the right hand side of the schools entrance. Its been a blessing that I will never forget and I do hope it's enjoyed for years.

Thank You,
Renee' Corvin