Thursday, September 28, 2006

Published Poetry by RC Titled "The Truth"
American Poets Society
A Celebration of Poems

The Truth

No one can run and hide,
From the truth inside.
It comes from every beating vein,
It's the silent stare in pain.
It's the gentle bite on your bottom lip,
It's the smooth glide of your hip.
The truth is in the whispers of your prayer,
It's that feeling inside that isn't fair.
It's the small fingers in your hand,
It's the music memory of your band.
It's all the words written in your book,
It's the Alpha and Omega look.
It's the pitter patter in their tiny footsteps,
The truth lies in the drug addict rep's.
It's the sleepless nights,
It's the knock-down drag-out fights.
It's why the orphanages are full,
It's all the Bull.
It's why we want to go....To Mexico.
The truth is the chance we didn't take,
The truth is the life we make.
It's so many things,
It's what happiness brings.
The truth will never leave,
It is there...just believe.
Ask- it will set you free.
Make sure you answer truthfully.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Seagulls In Flight
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Dunes Beach,Oregon

South Jetty Dunes Beach, OR. Trip 2006 by RC Posted by Picasa

South Jetty Dunes Beach, OR. 2006 Posted by Picasa